Successful Web Deployment

In today's world your business does not exists if it's not online. The internet is a competitive marketplace where your potential customers are presented with choice, and a lot of it. More often than not just having a web site is not good enough. Your web site must deliver your message well or your customers will go elsewhere.

Whether you need a simple business card site or want to build an eCommerce Empire we have what it takes to make it happen. We can build you a web site that will give you an edge over your competitors and win you customers.

We can design and build business card sites, regular web sites, blogs, galleries, ecommerce, intra- or extranet sites and just about anything else. Here's the best part; even our smallest web site comes with an easy to use editor that will give you the freedom to make your own changes whenever you feel like it, saving you time and money.

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Web Packages

We help you select one of our premium 5 page templates best suited to your brand and audience and then we customize it to fit your business’ needs.
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We create a custom 5 page web site designed around your brand, target market and your specific needs.
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We design, develop and implement a custom site on top of a solid, database driven Content Management System (CMS), allowing you full control of your content.
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Sky Scraper
We strategize, plan, design and develop a custom CMS based web site that can handle the complex needs of your business or organization.
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Terms you might want to know:

Although we prefer not using buzzwords and complicated industry jargon we do admit that some things are important to mention.

CMS - Content Management System. This is the software with which you manage and control the content of your website.

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language. This is the language used to create the outline of web pages. It can be compared to the framework of a building.

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets. Style Sheets are used to tell an internet browser how to display your HTML5 document. Style Sheets can be compared to an interior designers' design guide stating paint colors, fixtures and what not.

Accessible - Web sites that are build according to Accessibility Standards allow for people with visual impairments and other disabilities to access your web site easily.

Standards Compliant - Using markup language like HTML5 and CSS3 that is standards compliant means that your website can be viewed on a variety of browsers and devices without damaging the integrity of the design and/ or content flow. Very similar to making a building wheel chair accessible.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is the process used to ensure that search engines understand your web site like people do. Using the right information structure like headings and paragraphs as well as keywords that highlight your sites' purpose. This is not disimilar from signs and directories in a large building.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing is the process of increasing your position in popular search engines; the elusive no.1 spot in Google for instance. Like regular marketing this process takes time to produce quality results and should be considered an investment, not a "get rich quick" solution. In general a short SEM contract should span at least 6 to 12 months.