Sky Scraper

Starting at $7500

Custom CMS based Website
We strategize, plan, design and develop a custom CMS based website that can handle the complex needs of your business or organisation.

State of the Art Open Source CMS
Built on Drupal® your site will stable, fast and accessible and capable of handling virtually unlimited amounts of content.

Custom Everything
We will build your site to be as feature rich as your specific business model and budget dictate. If needed we will outsource the development of custom modules to provide features not already available from contributed Drupal modules. Because Drupal is an Open Source project custom modules will either be contributed back to the Drupal community or a suggested donation will be made to the Drupal project to fund future development.

Google™ Services
We install a Google™ map so customers can easily find you. We also integrate Google Analytics™ so you can keep track of your site’s visitors.

Revisions & Delivery
Your site can be up and running within 3-12 months depending on the complexity of the project. You will receive 5 designs to choose from with 10 rounds of revisions.

Always Included » Standards compliant and Accessible HTML5 and CSS3, A standard SEO package from FreshUp, 12 month Luxury Support Contract, User Manual and up to 10 hours of staff training.

Additional Options » Add basic E-Commerce, Add basic Image Gallery, FreshUp™ Advanced SEO, Content Updates and SEM packages.

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Alternative Web Packages: Cubicle | Studio | Suite